Bunce Sprints Bashley to Victory

Bashley 2 Hamble Club 0
Sydenham Wessex Premier

Bashley’s fourth game in seven days was a severe test of strength and stamina against a powerful Hamble Club eleven. Both sides made cautious starts and action was limited as Bashley’s passing game, set against the long-ball play of Hamble, produced more on-field stoppages than goalmouth thrills. A sixth minute goal-saving, body-block by Bash keeper Dan Kempson and a fierce long shot from Brad Morris being the only first half incidents of note.

Bash found themselves on the back foot straight from the re-start but, despite the height and strength advantage of the Hamble forwards, it was keeper Kempson who bossed the box. The Monk’s right full back, Barry Mason, also made an impression by entering for the worst shot of the year award. Bashley gradually came more into the game but their quick attacking inter-play was put on hold for ten minutes whilst influential captain Morris spent ten minutes enforced penance on the bench.

Like putting a shilling in the slot, the return of Morris ignited the black and gold boiler and fired the engine of wing-wizard Harry Bunce. Skating the length of the right touchline like a greyhound on speed, the sure-footed Bunce cut inside and slipped a short pass to Conor Whiteley who, quickly and cleverly, returned the ball to the young winger who made space before sending a swinging shot high into the far corner of the net.

Bash were now fully charged and minutes later Harry McGrath, following a Whiteley assist, was foiled by a fine save from Hamble Keeper Luke Deacon. Then like an Olympic athlete going for a double gold, Bunce took off from the centre spot and sped arrow-straight toward goal with the opposition a cloud of trailing dust. Deacon standing tall was no more than a finishing tape as the lone runner claimed his double with a cracking finish. Truly remarkable.

The final ten minutes were spent mostly in the Bash half as they defended their two-goal lead whilst the in-form Kempson was equally determined to retain his clean sheet. The final say was however Bashley’s, when Whiteley almost scored in the final second.

Bashley: Kempson, Betts, Smith, Thompson, Strickland, Morris, Ross, Bunce, Morgan, Whiteley, McGrath
Used Sub: Webber
Att: 131