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The Biggest Football Derbies in the United Kingdom

Derby days! The expectation, nerves, surprises, and passion. There are few things that mean more to fans than football rivalry. Derby day is the first fixture a fan will pencil into the calendar in the months building up to the matches. The main aim is to win against your closest rivals. We take a look at the biggest football derbies below.

North London Derby

The rivalry between Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur is the biggest in North London and among the most anticipated in the English Premier League. It began bubbling in the early 1900s after Arsenal moved to Highbury. Only four miles separate Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium and Tottenham Hotspur stadium.

The derby is exciting with goals galore and the ‘King of North London’ tag at stake during every game.

Merseyside Derby

The Merseyside derby pitting Liverpool FC against Everton is the longest-running derby in the UK. It has been played annually since the 1962-63 season. Less than a mile apart, Stanley Park sits between Anfield and Goodison Park.

Everton has been trying to get out of Liverpool’s shadow, making it a tense derby every time the two sides clash. Initially, the rivalry was known as the ‘friendly derby.’ For instance, fans from both teams sat together in the 1984 League Cup Final chanting ‘Merseyside’ unanimously.

The derby has witnessed twenty-one red cards to players since the inception of the EPL.

Manchester Derby

If you happen to be in Manchester on derby day, you will see a city painted in red and sky-blue. The city comes to a standstill as Manchester City or Manchester United descend on either Etihad Stadium or Old Trafford, respectively.

Balotelli’s ‘Why Always Me?’ shirt during Manchester City’s 6-1 win against Manchester United in October 2011 and Wayne Rooney’s breath-taking bicycle kick eight months earlier are some of the derby’s most incredible moments. With both teams playing topflight EPL and European football, the rivalry will become even more intense!

Old Firm Derby

Based in Glasgow, both Rangers and Celtic are four miles apart. They are the leading and most successful Scottish football clubs. Each team seeks the throne of Scotland’s best football team.

The Ibrox Stadium and Celtic Park rivalry began with a friendly tone in the 20th century before embroiling into hatred and competition. Rival fans fought on the stands and the pitch during the famous Scottish Cup Final in 1980. The Scottish FA banned alcohol consumption at all Old Firm Derby matches!

Female Clubs

The Best Ranked Female Clubs Across Europe

Interest in women’s football is growing, and we love to see it! As more and more investment and fan attention go towards women’s football, we look at some of the best female clubs across Europe.

1. Barcelona Femení

Barcelona’s female team is a dominant force not just in Spain but across the continent. The team is the current holder of the Women’s Champions League. They are defending champions of the Spanish women’s league.

The team was founded in 1988 as Spain’s first division women’s league. During that time, they have won the top division a record six times.

2. Olympique Lyonnais

Part of the Lyon family since 2004, this is the most successful team in women’s football. They lead the Champions’ League charts with seven wins. They have dominated the French league with 14 consecutive wins in their 17 years of existence.

3. VFL Wolfsburg

This is the most dominant team in the women’s Bundesliga. They have won the title six times since the club was founded in 2003. Currently, they are the defending champions with a winning streak running for four seasons. They also have two Champions’ League wins (2013 and 2014) and appeared in the finals a record of five times.

4. Bayern Munich

The German side has not had as great fortunes as its men’s counterpart, but it is still a force in the country and in Europe. Going into October 2021, they occupy the top position in the Frauen-Bundesliga.

Three league wins in the bag and a 2016 Champions’ League semi-final appearance is the team’s major achievements.

5. Chelsea FC Women

Chelsea’s recent surge in form happens to be for both men’s and women’s teams. While the men are the current champions of Europe, the ladies fell short of glory as they lost the final to Barcelona. They also have three FA women’s Super League (FA WSL) wins to their name.